Why Are Female ACL Injuries More Common?

Dr. Burnham recently co-authored a research study and book chapter with Dr. Vonda Wright on female ACL injuries. Dr. Wright is an orthopaedic surgeon and renowned speaker who specializes ...(read more)

1st ACL Repair Surgery with BEAR Implant in Baton Rouge – Promising New Procedure

Dr. Jeremy Burnham and the surgical team at Ochsner Sports Medicine Institute performed the first ACL repair surgery with the BEAR Implant in the Baton Rouge area, and ...(read more)

Dr. Burnham in PIVOT Study Group with newly published ACL research

Dr. Burnham is part of the PIVOT study group, an international group of ACL and knee surgeons and researchers studying the rotatory instability (e.g. pivot shift) caused by ...(read more)

New Book Chapter on Stem Cells, PRP, and Emerging Biologic Treatments

Dr. Burnham co-authored a book chapter that detailed the role of stem cells, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and other biologic treatments for sports medicine and orthopaedic injuries. The chapter ...(read more)

New Research Article on the Anterolateral Complex of the Knee

Updated June 18,2022 – Dr. Burnham co-authored a research study with Dr. Freddie Fu, Dr. Volker Musahl, Dr. Elmart Herbst, and Dr. Marcio Albers on a hot topic in sports medicine. ...(read more)

Return to Play after ACL Surgery (New Research) – Single Leg Step-Down Test

Dr. Burnham and colleagues recently published a research study on a test that may be useful in determining when patients can return to sports after ACL (anterior cruciate ...(read more)

New Research Published on ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring Graft

Dr. Burnham co-authored a cost-effectiveness analysis of ACL reconstruction using a specific technique of augmenting the normal hamstring graft with donor tissue to improve the strength of the ...(read more)

New Chapter on Elbow Arthroscopy by Dr. Burnham

Dr. Burnham has published a new book chapter on elbow arthroscopy. The chapter is titled “Arthroscopy of the Elbow: The Basics” and can be found in the 3rd ...(read more)

Dr. Burnham Publishes Paper on Clavicle Fractures

Dr. Burnham and colleagues recently published a review article on midshaft clavicle fractures in the journal Orthopedics. ...(read more)