Dr. Burnham is part of the PIVOT study group, an international group of ACL and knee surgeons and researchers studying the rotatory instability (e.g. pivot shift) caused by ACL injuries. The group recently published a research study in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, the most read orthopedic research journal in the world.

Measuring Pivot Shift In Acl Injury
(c) Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

The current study utilized video motion analysis to measure the amount of rotational knee instability in patients with ACL injury. The study found differences in knee laxity depending on the type of ACL tear (complete versus partial), location of the partial tear (AM versus PL bundle), and whether the tear was after a previous ACL reconstruction.


J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2020 Feb 5;102(3):213-220. doi: 10.2106/JBJS.19.00502.Rotatory Knee Laxity Exists on a Continuum in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury.

Lian J1,2, Diermeier T1,3, Meghpara M1, Popchak A1, Smith CN1, Kuroda R4, Zaffagnini S5, Samuelsson K6, Karlsson J6, Irrgang JJ1,7, Musahl V1; PIVOT Study Group. Sheean AJ, Burnham JM, Lian J, Smith C, Popchak A, Herbst E, Pfeiffer TR, Araujo P, Oostdyk A, Guenther D, Ohashi B, Irrgang JJ, Musahl V, Fu FH, Nagamune K, Kurosaka M, Hoshino Y, Kuroda R, Grassi A, Muccioli GMM, Lopomo N, Signorelli C, Raggi F, Zaffagnini S, Horvath A, Svantesson E, Senorski EH, Sundemo D, Bjoernsson H, Ahlden M, Desai N, Samuelsson K, Karlsson J.

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Injured? Plan Your Comeback Now...