Dr. Burnham appeared on WAFB with Cali Hubbard to discuss his involvement with the DoD-funded STaR Trial examining multiple ligament knee injuries. The STaR trial is a multi-center, randomized controlled trial examined the optimal treatment for patients with multiple knee ligament tears. Rachel Bradley, DPT also discussed the rehabilitation implications of the trial.

Multiple Ligament Knee Injuries

Multiple ligament knee injuries occur when more than one ligament is injured in the knee. There isn’t a scientific consensus on the best timing for surgery or the best timing for weight bearing and range of motion exercises after surgery. This study aims to answer those questions.

The study is enrolling civilians and service members. It is funded through a $4 million grant from the Department of Defense. These injuries result in significant time away from work, duty, and sports. They also have the potential to impact military readiness.

No single center treats enough of these injuries to study them on a large enough scale to answer these questions. For this reason, the University of Pittsburgh designed this as a multi-center study. There are 25 of the top health centers in North America and 50 of the top knee surgeons in North America who are collaborating on this trial together.

Ochsner’s Involvement in the STaR Trial

Ochsner was granted inclusion into the trial in 2022, and is currently enrolling eligible patients. Dr. Jeremy Burnham is the principle investigator for Ochsner in this study, and it is based out of Ochsner – The Grove. Patients with knee injuries will be screened to see if they meet criteria, and compensation may be provided for participation. 

knee injury trialSTaR Trial: Surgical Timing and RehabilitationDoD-Funded Randomized Controlled Trial Examining Multiple

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STaR Trial: Knee Injury Trial

Injured? Plan Your Comeback Now...

Injured? Plan Your Comeback Now...