Dr. Jeremy Burnham presented research at the Louisiana Orthopedic Association Meeting about football injury lower extremity injury risk in high school football players. He also served as a panelist for young orthopedists.

Dr. Burnham Presenting On Acl Injury And Football Injury

Dr. Burnham – Football Injury & Knee Injury Doctor

Dr. Burnham’s research focused on identifying risk factors that could be associated with non-contact lower extremity injuries in high school football athletes, particularly knee and ACL injuries. This study built on previous research he published on ACL injury risk and ACL treatment options. High school football athletes underwent functional testing with the single leg step-down test (SLSD) and hop tests, and then were monitored throughout the season. Athletes that performed worse on the SLSD test also had a high rate of lower extremity injuries such as ankle sprains, acl injuries, meniscus tears, and cartilage injury. This test may be able to be used in the future to help identify athletes who are at increased risk for these types of injuries.

Injured? Plan Your Comeback Now...

Injured? Plan Your Comeback Now...