Torn ACL? How to Find the  Best ACL Surgeon Near You

Find an experienced, specialized orthopedic surgeon.

5 Key Considerations When Choosing Your ACL Surgeon

Injuries to the ACL can be devastating, and result in significant time away from work, activities, and sports. Not all ACL treatments are created equal, and there is not a "one size fits all" surgery. Some patients need ACL repair and some need ACL reconstruction, and a small percent don't need surgery at all.

Getting the correct diagnosis the receiving the best treatment can play a big role in the short-term and long-term outcomes after ACL surgery.

5 Considerations to Choose the Best ACL Surgeon Near You

High-level ACL care requires a specialized team, including the surgeon, the OR nurses and assistants, the physical therapist, and the office staff.

Orthopedic Surgeon Who Specializes in ACL Surgery & Knee Ligament Surgery

ACL Doctor Who Has Received Specialized Training and Education in ACL Injuries

Some training institutions are known for their high-volume of sports injuries and for the high quality of their educational programs. Research the background of your prospective ACL surgeon. Those who have received extensive experience through either their orthopedic surgery residency or their sports medicine fellowship (specialized surgical training after residency) are likely to have received the experience and repetitions to make sure they are skilled at a variety of ACL treatment.

Multi-disciplinary ACL Treatment Team

ACL treatment doesn't stop with the surgery. In fact, the rehabilitation and return-to-play process after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. Does your surgeon communicate and coordinate with a multi-disciplinary team to make your post-operative experience optimal?

ACL Surgeon with Board Certification in Sports Medicine in & Orthopedic Surgery

It is important to verify the credentials of your orthopedic surgeon. In the United States, the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) provides a rigorous board certification process for orthopedic surgeons. 

After obtaining board certification in Orthopedic Surgery, surgeons who have completed specialized training Sports Medicine and have performed a high volume of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery during their first years of practice can apply for further board certification in Sports Medicine.

Orthopedic surgeons who have board certification in both Orthopedic Surgery and in Sports Medicine have completed a demanding process of peer review and meet the high standards required for ACL surgery.

Individualized, Anatomic Approach to ACL Surgery

No two patients are the same, and no two ACL tears are the same. It is important that your ACL surgeon understands and strives to restore the native anatomy and function of the knee.

When ACL reconstruction is indicated, it is important that anatomic techniques are utilized to restore knee stability. Different graft options are available and each has their pros and cons (e.g. patellar tendon, hamstring, and quadriceps tendon). In some cases ACL repair is the right answer. 

Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Burnham & the ACL Surgery Team in Baton Rouge

Dr. Burnham sees patients and operates at Ochsner-Andrews Sports Medicine Institute in Baton Rouge, LA. He works with a multi-disciplinary ACL care team that treats patients from the Gulf South Region including Baton Rouge, Hammond, Lafayette, Brusly, Gonzales, Denham Springs, and Mississippi.

Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoCarolina

"National Leader in Sports Medicine"

"Really a national leader in sports medicine! Amazing doctor, amazing family man...treats patients with the highest level of care, compassion, and quality!"

Patrick cook, PT

Sports Medicine Physical Therapist

Sports Physical Therapy

Dr. Burnham is recognized as a top ACL surgeon in the country.  He is incredibly gifted in the operating room but has an even better understanding of the role of rehabilitation during recovery.  I can tell the difference when starting rehab on patients after he has done the surgery.

Linda  - Patient's family

Verified Google Review

"Recovered Fully From Knee Reconstruction - Able to Return to Sports"

"I never met a doctor and his team that showed some much compassion about their patient. Jerrica, Dr. Burnham, and the therapy staff... My daughter recovered fully from a knee reconstruction and now she is able to return to sports. Thanks to Dr. surgeon in Baton Rouge...I rate him 5-stars.

Highly-Rated, Specialized ACL Care in Baton Rouge 

What to Expect during your ACL Treatment Experience


Specialized, Timely Care for Your ACL Injury

Most patients with an ACL tear experience an awkward landing, or a quick change of direction that leads to the torn ACL. Our team is highly trained at recognizing ACL tears and associated injuries. Same-day appointments are available, as well as expedited advanced imaging and testing with high-resolution MRI available onsite. Our team takes most insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield.


Consultation with Specialized ACL Surgeon Dr. Jeremy Burnham

Dr. Burnham will obtain details about your injury, medical history, and symptoms. He will perform clinical examination and review all imaging including MRIs, X-rays, and CT scans if performed. Dr. Burnham will work with you to decided on the best course of action for your ACL injury and develop a personalized, individualized treatment plan that addresses the ACL injury and any associated injuries such as meniscus tears, cartilage injury, and additional ligament injury.


Surgical Treatment in State of the Art Facilities at Ochsner - The Grove

If surgery is indicated, it will take place at Ochsner-Andrews Sports Medicine Institute in Baton Rouge, LA at Ochsner Medical Complex - The Grove. Pre-operative knee optimization is often performed to help with range of motion and swelling prior to ACL surgery. Ochsner-Baton Rouge was recently given an "A" Safety Rating from Leapfrog and Ochsner was rated the #1 Hospital in Louisiana by US News & World Report.

Dr. Burnham's sports medicine team provides concierge level care with careful attention to even the smallest details before, during, and after surgery. The surgical suite is equipped with state of the art surgical equipment such as 4K resolution arthroscopy scopes and monitors that allow a high level of precision and detail. 

A pharmacy is located on site, and all prescriptions are delivered to the patient prior to discharge. Lodging is available at the Renaissance Hotel for out of town patients and guests.


Postoperative ACL Rehabilitation and Return-to-Play

Rehab starts almost immediately after surgery. Dr. Burnham's team works with sports-specialized physical therapists in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas such as Hammond, Brusly, Iberville, Livingston, and Ascension Parish. The rehabilitation process is based on the best science and medical experience available to provide for the quickest recovery and highest post-surgical performance possible. Return-to-play testing guidelines are designed to guide the rehabilitation process and to decrease the chance of reinjury.

Dr. Jeremy Burnham is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine and Complex Knee Surgery such as ligament, meniscus, and cartilage repair and restoration. His clinical and research focus is centered around ACL injuries, knee instability, and return to sports and performance after ACL surgery.

Dr. Burnham trained at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with the late Dr. Freddie Fu, the most published ACL researcher in the world, and other renowned knee surgeons. He stays active teaching surgical courses and performing research on ACL outcomes.

Board Certification in Sports Medicine
Board Certification in Orthopedic Surgery

Here’s what patients are saying about Dr. Burnham

MK - Patient's family

Verified Healthgrades Review

Attentive to Making Sure Every Detail of  Pre-care and Post-care is Addressed

"He is thorough, attentive and very proactive in making sure my son received the best medical care without delay. He staff is awesome, they are compassionate and attentive to making sure every detail of your pre care and post care is addressed. My sons surgery went well. Thank you for your excellent service!!"

RM - Patient

Verified Healthgrades Review

Receptive; Charted An Action Plan

"What impresses me is the receptiveness of the Doctor... along with his knowledge and experience, he explained and charted an action plan to improve my symptoms...Thank you Dr. Burnham for quickly scheduling my visit and giving me the confidence [in] my knee..."

LT - Patient's family

Verified Google Review

Compassion and Understanding; Surgery and Recovery Has Been Perfect

"Dr. Burnham and Jerrica are AMAZING! Their sense of compassion and understanding is more than we have ever experienced. My 14 year old son originally went in to see Dr. Burnham very scared (he hadn't had an injury before) and he was instantly made to feel at ease. His surgery and recovery has been perfect! Thank you Dr. Burnham and Jerrica for everything! We are so grateful for you both!"

ACL Reconstruction vs. Repair

The ACL has poor healing potential. The gold-standard treatment is to reconstruct, or replace the ligament. Common tendons used to replace the torn ACL include the patellar tendon, the quadriceps tendon, and the hamstring tendon.

Numerous studies have looked at methods to repair the torn ACL without replacing it. Although previous results haven't been ideal, new technology known as the BEAR implant has made ACL repair a viable option for many patients.

ACL Reconstruction
  • Gold Standard Treatment
  • Replaces the Torn ACL with Separate Tissue from Elsewhere in the Knee
  • Patellar Tendon, Quadriceps Tendon, and Hamstring Tendon Grafts are Common
ACL repair with bear implant
  • Newer Treatment Option, Less Tested
  • Repairs & Heals the Torn ACL
  • No Graft to be Harvested
  • Uses a Collagen Membrane with Special Proteins and the Patient's Own Blood
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