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Functional Progression After ACL Surgery

The following parameters should serve as a general guideline for functional progression after ACL reconstruction. These guidelines should not replace surgeon and therapist judgement. When Can I Jog After ACL Surgery? Clearance for Jogging can be tested at 12 weeks if isolated ligament reconstruction or 16 weeks with Meniscal involvement/bone bruise/microfracture Minimum Standard 30 Step […]

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Can Knee Injections Cure Knee Arthritis?

Knee arthritis and cartilage wear has traditionally been considered an uncurable condition. In fact, the only consistently successful treatment whas a total knee replacement. Although knee replacements are a good option for severe arthritis, they require a large surgery, a prolonged recorvery course, and are usually associated with temporary, but significant, postoperative pain. Fortunately, advances in medical knowledge and technology have produced some very promising non-surgical treatments for knee arthritis. While there may not be a cure for arthritis yet, many of these treatments have shown potential to delay the need for knee replacement surgery.

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Foot & Ankle Protocols

Postoperative & Rehabilitation Protocols High Ankle Sprain/Syndesmotic Injury (Nonoperative) Syndesmosis Repair with Suture-button Device (Accelerated Postoperative)

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Elbow Rehabilitation and Postoperative Protocols

Patient Handouts & Exercises Baseball Throwing Program (Dr. James Bradley) Interval Throwing Program   Postop & Rehabilitation Protocols Distal Biceps Repair & Reattachment Lateral Epicondylitis Repair/Revision Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair with Internal Brace  

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SLAP Repair Protocol (Types II & IV)

*Adapted from James Bradley, MD WEEKS 0-4 (Patient Responsibility): Range of motion exercises should be performed starting the day after shoulder surgery; exercises are to be done 3 – 4 times a day, 15 repetitions each. The sling may or may not need to be removed to exercise (depending on the brand). A portion of […]

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Shoulder Rehabilitation and Postoperative Protocols

Patient Handouts & Exercises Weight Training After Shoulder Surgery Generic Postoperative Shoulder Exercises Baseball Throwing Program (Dr. James Bradley and Glenn Holland PT ATC) Interval Throwing Program   Postop & Rehabilitation Protocols Anterior Shoulder Stabilization/Anterior Labral Repair Posterior Shoulder Stabilization/Posterior Labral Repair; Type VIII SLAP Repair Type II-IV SLAP Tear (Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior) (html) Bristow-Latarjet (Coracoid […]

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Running & Overuse Injuries

Protocols Tibial Stress Reaction Protocol Proximal Hamstring Repair – Postoperative Rehabilitation Protocol Proximal Hamstring Repair – Discharge Instructions

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Baseball Protocols

Handouts Baseball Throwing Program & Exercises (Dr. Bradley and Glenn Holland PT ATC) Interval Throwing Program  

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