A heartwarming story has just been released, capturing the inspiring journey of Lauren Aguillard, a young dancer who overcame a torn ACL to realize her dream of becoming an LSU Golden Girl. The video, a creation of the very talented Patrick Clay, showcases not only Lauren’s determination but also the collective efforts of Dr. Jeremy Burnham’s medical and sports medicine team in Baton Rouge, LA.

A Dream Interrupted

Lauren’s aspiration to become an LSU Golden Girl was put to the test when she suffered a torn ACL. This severe injury, occurring at a critical time in her senior year, threatened to end her dancing career.

The Expertise of Dr. Burnham’s Team

Dr. Jeremy Burnham and his team of skilled professionals were there to assist Lauren in her time of need. Specializing in sports medicine and knee surgery, the team understood the unique challenges and aspirations of athletes like Lauren. Their collective experience and approach to ACL surgery were key to her successful recovery.

The Road to Recovery

Recovery from a torn ACL is a complex process that requires careful medical guidance and intense physical therapy. Dr. Burnham’s team worked closely with Lauren, providing not just surgical intervention but also comprehensive rehabilitation guidance and return-to-play testing.

A Dream Realized

Through hard work and perseverance, Lauren made the tryouts for the LSU Golden Girls and eventually earned the position of captain. Her story continues to inspire as she was accepted into medical school, ready to embark on a new journey.


Lauren Aguillard’s story is a beautiful illustration of what can be achieved with determination, expert medical care, and a supportive team. Dr. Burnham and his team played an essential role in her recovery, demonstrating the importance of specialized care in sports medicine. It’s a collaborative effort that goes beyond healing an injury; it’s about understanding the patient’s goals and working together to make them a reality.

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Watch the inspiring video of Lauren’s journey on YouTube, created by Patrick Clay.