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Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) and Anterolateral Complex

Overview of the Anterolateral Complex and the Anterolateral Ligament

In 2013, the New York Times and several other media outlets touted the discovery of a “new” knee ligament, the anterolateral ligament (ALL). In reality, the discovery was not new, but more of a “rediscovery” of a ligament that had been described in 1879 by a French Surgeon, Paul Segond. It has since been described in one form or another by numerous authors, notably Hughston, Terry, and others. The reason for its resurgence in popularity is for good cause – knee surgeons are continually working to improve the results of ACL surgery. It is generally agreed upon that the ligamentous structures (anterolateral complex) on that side of the knee may play a role in the rotational stability of the knee. It is important to recognize injuries to the anterolateral complex or ligament and know how to treat them appropriately.

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