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New Research Published on ACL Reconstruction with Hamstring Graft

Dr. Burnham co-authored a cost-effectiveness analysis of ACL reconstruction using a specific technique of augmenting the normal hamstring graft with donor tissue to improve the strength of the graft. In his study, the authors demonstrated that the augmented graft resulted in a lower rate of re-tear. The study was published in the prestigious American Journal of Sports Medicine, which is the most read sports medicine journal in orthopaedic surgery. Expert knee specialist Darren Johnson, MD was the senior author on the paper.

The study results analyzed ACL reconstruction cost-effectiveness by measuring the reatear rates between two different ACL reconstruction techniques, as well as calculating all of the costs that go into the procedure. The data demonstrated that in a subset of patients (patients 18 and younger getting ACL reconstruction with hamstring autograft), augmentation of a 4-strand hamstring autograft with semitendinosus allograft decreased the graft failure rate and increased the cost-effectiveness of the procedure.